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About Us
In 2002, a group of regional pool distribution carriers came together to create a first: An asset-based, single source for the distribution of dry and temperature-controlled products.

Today, that group is NDS - Network Distribution Solutions.

The regional carriers who formed NDS are professionals you may already know. Most important, they are distribution partners you can trust; they know your customers and know what it takes to safely deliver your products with accuracy.

Working as a national network, NDS can assure those with broader, national distribution needs of an integrated, consistent, successful solution.

For more information please look at our online NDS Presentation

Network Distribution Solutions is already serving
a number of product categories, including:
Candy & Confections
Medical Supplies
Health & Beauty Aids
Consumer Products

 For more information, please contact
Scott Weiss at 877-896-3406 or scottw@dtslogistx.com
  Jay Foley at 877-896-3417 or jayf@dtsb.com
  Eric Behrmann at 618-512-3083 or ebehrmann@lanterdist.com
  Cheryl Hill at 618-540-9020 (cell) or chill@lanterdist.com
  David Hoffmann at 901-603-5707 (cell) or dhoffmann@lanterdist.com
  Mike Brieger at 616-502-2586 or mbrieger@krclogistics.com
  Terry Esposito at 716-874-6156 or tesposito@escrotrans.com
  Tony Burvid at 716-874-6156 or tburvid@escrotrans.com