The NDS Advantage

What does the NDS Advantage mean for you? Service, simplicity, and savings. NDS puts you back in control of your company’s supply and distribution logistics by offering world-class service, and points of presence serviced by major transportation hubs across the United States and into Canada.


Throughout the NDS system, our delivery specialists are owner-managed companies with an unmatched knowledge of regional and local consignees. This makes it easier to provide reliable, consistent and timely deliveries.

With NDS, You Can Expect:

Multi-temperature Solutions

For many products, maintaining an unbroken and efficient “cold chain” for that product’s entire lifecycle is critical to the integrity, salability, and safety of that product. Our NDS partner companies are among the best in the world at cold chain logistics, and we pride ourselves on having the equipment and the know-how to make sure your cargo arrives on time, and on temp.

Food-grade Compatibility

Our equipment, facilities, and training are optimized to ensure the safe handling of food. Our NDS partners will ensure that food handling procedures adhere to strict industry and government guidelines for food safety.

You can trust NDS to deliver your temperature-sensitive food products quickly and safely.

Better Knowledge

NDS partners are among the foremost experts in the transportation and warehousing industries. Our staffs combine literal thousands of years of experience in the transport, storage, and handling of a wide array of products.

Complete Service Offerings

NDS is your single source for all of your transport and storage needs. Our nationwide network of transportation assets are warehousing facilities is capable of meeting your needs for product safety and security.


As a single source, NDS provides advantages that are unique in the industry.

The NDS Advantage Includes:

Single Point of Contact

We believe in the importance of your business, and our goals are the same as yours: Delivering your product to the consumer on time and intact. NDS provides you, the valued customer, with a single point of accountability and contact to manage your complete transportation and warehousing picture from end to end. You shouldn’t have to play phone tag or hunt for paperwork to understand your logistics, and our industry contacts, asset and facility portfolios, and expertise combine to simplify your operations, saving your business time and money.

Complete EDI Capabilities

Technology has completely changed the way the world stores, accesses and shares information, and the transportation industry has benefited tremendously from the advent of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. EDI integrates computer systems across multiple vendors, and from vendors to customers, to provide order processing, process accounting and record-keeping that is consistently accurate. Our EDI technologies will help provide your business with the insight and control you need to manage costs and will provide you the access you need to enable truly LEAN operations and just-in-time delivery.

Pre-appointment Process

The NDS pre-appointment process involves analysis and risk discovery before pick-up to ensure there aren’t surprises hiding that will frustrate the shipping process.


In shipping, pooling provides the most efficient possible use of resources. By utilizing consolidation and pool distribution principles, our integrated, strategically located network of terminals provides the most cost-efficient distribution solution available.

Many shippers are forced to rely upon less-than-truckloads, where the amount of product they’re shipping to a given location is not sufficient to warrant a dedicated shipment. Traditionally, multiple shipments are sent to the same geographic region on different trucks. This approach is resource-intensive, as LTL shipments cannot be effectively optimized for fuel economy.

NDS pool distribution services combine those LTL shipments on fewer trucks. Trucks carry these loads to single-source, regional terminals called pool points, where the products are sorted by our partners for distribution to their destinations. This process continues until the products are ultimately put on local delivery trucks for last-mile delivery to their final destination.

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