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The NDS Advantage
What does the NDS Advantage mean for you?

Throughout the NDS system, our delivery specialists are owner-managed companies with an unmatched knowledge of regional and local consignees. This makes it easier to provide reliable, consistent and timely deliveries.

With NDS, you can expect:
  • Multi-temperature solutions which meet a full range of needs
  • Food grade compatibility which protects the integrity of your product
  • A better knowledge of your customers' specific needs
  • A complete array of service offerings
As a single source, NDS provides advantages that are unique in the industry:
  • A single point of contact maximizes the ease of doing business with NDS
  • With complete EDI capabilities, NDS provides order visibility and tracking
  • Our pre-appointment process minimizes surprises for shippers while meeting requested arrival dates
By utilizing consolidation and pool distribution principles, our integrated, strategically located network of terminals provides the most cost-efficient distribution solution available.

 For more information, please contact
Eric Behrmann at 618-512-3083 or ebehrmann@lanterdist.com
  Cheryl Hill at 618-540-9020 (cell) or chill@lanterdist.com
  David Hoffmann at 901-603-5707 (cell) or dhoffmann@lanterdist.com
  Mike Brieger at 616-502-2586 or mbrieger@krclogistics.com
  Terry Esposito at 716-874-6156 or tesposito@escrotrans.com
  Tony Burvid at 716-874-6156 or tburvid@escrotrans.com
  Scott Weiss at 877-896-3406 or scottw@dtslogistx.com
  Jay Foley at 877-896-3417 jayf@dtsb.com